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Sports Improvement

Are you having a hard time breaking through a certain distance or a new time in which you want to achieve. Do you want more confidence to take on a new distance time or sport. Is the time to change this after multiple other attempts, now!

Hypnotic Techniques help to improve focus by attaching more useful outcomes to more useful actions to increase performance. Hypnosis also uses imagery, a well proven form of sports improvement, to deepen the state in which imagery increases performance. The two together are potent in their ability to make change quickly so improvement is seen in real time. In not time you will start to see the difference hypnosis can make.

  • I have found capacity to maintain mental focus steadily increases
  • I have found you can enter ‘flow’ more quickly and reliably
  • I have found you can hold a state of flow longer, and re-establish it if necessary
  • I have found you have noticeably more determination and stamina
  • I have found you become more resilient to the different demands of your runs
  • I have found your runs become more satisfying and rewarding, bringing a rich sense of achievement.
  • I have found recovery is much more efficient
  • I have found that goal have become easier and easier to achieve.