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The mind can be a hard place to navigate on your own.



I felt not only stuck but lost in life when I happened to meet Brent.  He was outgoing and kind and we stuck up a friendly conversation where he told me what he does.  He sensed some tension in me and so asked if I could use guidance.  I never thought of asking for help before but am so glad I decided to contact him!  With his professional and compassionate techniques he has helped me to access my courage and strength.  I feel more in control of my life and am looking at my future in a different way.  With Brent's help I am forging a new path to happiness and satisfaction with life.  I couldn't have made these choices without his kind support and guidance.  Life is really looking up!  Thanks Brent



I had Brent as my counselor for around two months.  I can't say enough good things about how much the counseling and meditation sessions helped me, in much less time than I could have imagined...


I've had health issues for many years and have tried a lot of different things to help me settle my menopause symptoms.  As a last ditch effort,  I tried by counseling sessions from Brent and also learned meditation from Brent.


Very surprisingly, I found that the meditations in hand with the counseling were the one thing that changed everything for me, FINALLY!  Now my menopause symptoms have diminished and I feel that I am much better equipped to deal with stress.


My only regret is that I didn't do this ten years ago...


Thank you, Brent, for your insight, caring and expertise...




Angela from Hamilton 


I met with Brent to see if he could help me with some occasional bouts of insomnia. Brent helped me to recognize what my triggers are and how to relax my mind and breathe through them. After only two sessions, I have already seen progress and have new tools that I can access during those long nights to help me relax and allow myself to fall asleep. Brent radiates gentleness and compassion without judgement. I immediately felt safe with him and trusted him guiding me throughout the hypnosis process. He was clear in explaining exactly what hypnosis is, and what to and what not to expect. With an innate ability to connect with and to read people, I believe Brent is a natural who has found his true calling.



"It was refreshing to have something different and overall a great session with some good advice and tools. I will be sure to provide feedback to my peers and colleagues in the sector. I am going to jump through the “hoop” this evening and try to implement some of these techniques."

Amy Vickery-Menard, Clerk-Treasurer, Township of Armstrong

Thank you for the opportunity to experience your seminar to address stress management.  It was great!

It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have more time with you.  I am sure others would have volunteered or participated more.

Chantal Guillemette
Municipal Clerk
Zone 9 Chair

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