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Life Coach

Membership Required

Betterment offers both individuals sessions and membership options to meet the needs of all their clients. Membership is for people who know they are on a life long journey of change and wants someone to guide them through the ups and downs that life can throw our way. Sessions are for these that have a more specific outcome that they would like to work though over a shorter period of time.

Prescreening new members is essential to understanding where you fit in. We accept all clients at all levels of understanding. We create groups that allow for growth not hinderance. We push boundaries together and take you in the direction you choose to go. We are just the guides. Prescreens are absolutly free and can be done in person or virtually.

Full Membership

$250 month

Includes 16 Session personally with a qualified coach in any of the areas offered in our services. 

Group activities both online and off. 

Included in member only trips

And much more….


Premium Membership

This is a group focused on Personal Success and Growth. 

All members must have successfully passed through or be far enough along in their Membership service to be invited. 

*****BY INVITE ONLY*******

Mentorship Program

Only for premium members in good standing will be considered for this group.  

Learn to me a mentor to others and share your success while making full time wages part time.


Opportunity to make money while learning.