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We use a natural, relaxed state of body and mind that every person experiences everyday of their lives. Two examples of this are the moments just before falling asleep and just before waking up. In this semi-waking state, the mind is focused while the critical faculty is temporarily suspended. This Therapeutic approach helps people deliberately enter that state in order to more easily create emotional and behavioral therapeutic changes.

This stress based treatment relieves many issues, including:

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Nail Biting

• Bedwetting

• Behavior issues

• Academic motivation

• School/sports performance issues

• Night terrors

• Fear of the dark and other phobias

Stress therapy can be effective either as a stand-alone treatment.

Following Suggestions

Following the basic instructions of the professional is essential to a successful stress reduction session. The main objective of any treatment is to change behaviors and emotional states that have become ingrained and problematic. Following suggestions helps a person temporarily let go of their critical faculty and ridgid ways of thinking, making those changes easier to accomplish.

Suggestions are generally simple and easy to understand. “Close your eyes and begin to relax”, “Now focus your attention on your breathing”, and “Imagine yourself entering a calm, safe place where you feel at ease and relaxed” are all examples of suggestions a professional might use.

Willingness to Play

A great deal of the the process has an element of imagination and play associated with it.

Because of its reliance on imagination and playfulness, these techniques can not only help adults be an especially effective way to help kids, including very young children. By maintaining an atmosphere of novelty, creativity, respect, and trust, clients are more easily able to discover their innate strengths and resources to help create the changes they want. 1

These criteria are only indicators that this treatment has the potential for positive results.

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